Snowboard Hat question

I picked up a Bernat free pattern for an “Easy Snowboarder Hat.” I feel like I can follow patterns but this one has me confused.
The instructions are as follows:

First ear flap: “Cast on 5 sts; first row knit; begin with a purl row; cont in stocking st inc 1 st each end of next and every row until there are 21 sts; purl 1 row; Inc 1 st each end of next and following alt row; 25 sts”; purl 1 row. Break yarn and leave on spare needle.

I didn’t have any problem with the first ear flap.

Second ear flap: Work from " to " as for first ear flap but do not break yarn.

Question… These ear flaps are now exactly the same and I think they should be mirror images of one another. The ear flap is not symmetrical after the 21 sts and the piece has increases only on the alternate rows (knit).

To join ear flaps:
Turn work and cast on 19 sts. Turn back and knit across 25 sts from first ear flap. Turn work and cast on 8 sts. 77 sts.

Question…I understand what the words mean but I really don’t understand how to accomplish this. I guess I need more of an explanation about what I should be doing with the first and second flaps and in which hand each piece should be in.


Are you sure the earflaps aren’t supposed to be symmetrical? I haven’t looked at the pattern myself, but the instructions you typed out have increases on both ends of the rows, on every row, so they should be symmetrical, I think.

As for the joining- hold one earflap in your left hand with your working yarn hanging down from the right side of the ear flap. Now cast on 19 more stitches starting from the earflap and working to the right towards the needle tip. Then grab the other ear flap in your left hand and knit across those stitches, adding them to the line of stitches. Then cast on 8 more stitches. Then you’ll turn the whole thing around and knit back across the 8 stitches, the 2nd ear flap, the 19 stitches, the 1st ear flap.

Make sense? Let me know if you need more help. :slight_smile:

Carey is right, the earflaps should be just the same and symmetrical.

Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll get onto the pattern again. As to the symmetry, the earflap is symmetrical until the first 21 stitches are on the needle. Then it gets increased only every other row so that one side grows while the other doesn’t. That seems like a normal thing – I just think the second flap should be a reflection of the first rather than the identical thing. I will, however, sit down with your helpful information and try to get the flaps joined properly. Thanks again!

You’re right that the increases are every other row after 21 stitches, but they’re on each end of every other row, so they should still come out symmetrical.