Snores Snores everywhere!

I just got out of the shower and the hubby is laying on the couch snoring and the girlie (puppy dog) is laying in my recliner…snoring ! Their not even coordinated so it’s constant noise. I would take a picture but the digital camera is in the closet with the doggie toys so she will wake up and then there is no picture. Guess I’ll just take my earplugs and quietly sneak off to bed…:sleepy:


Hope you can get to sleep!

So Sorry! I feel your pain! But you could do what I did…I made a video on my cell phone to play for DH- he didn’t believe it was him. Once he heard it, he made a Dr. appt next thing ya know, a sleep study. Badda Bang we have a CPAP machine. It’s been the best months sleep in the 10 years we have been together! :woohoo: :woot: :woohoo:
Good Luck!

Everyone thought my DH and I were going to call the marriage off when we decided the same room was not working. After a few weeks of his terrible snoring I decided that was it. We were so broke, poor is a better word, we bought a sofa bed and oh, boy, I got to use it. Well, as time as progressed both of us have always had our own bedrooms unless traveling and then I hope any prescribed meds my MD offers will help. Oh, people have said when we were younger the marriage would not last with different bedrooms: Well, we had our 45th anniversary last month, and believe me, it would NOT have last with the same room. Oh, I know the doctors now have come out with all this new ‘stuff’ you can buy, put your through a sleep study and who in their right mind can sleep with ‘things’ attached to their heads and knowing you are being monitored? Well, I don’t know. I don’t think ALL snoring is a health threat, but I do realize some are. From an oldie, don’t let ‘others’ think you HAVE to share the same room to have a marriage.

I’m avoiding tinking a sock so thought I would post a picture of snoring culprit #1 (#2 won’t let me post his sleepy mug)

I used to sleep in the room next to my Mom’s and boy did she snore. Then I got a dog. He’s a big snorer too. Before Mom got her CPAP I would have snoring from both sides of my bed, hers would be muffled through the wall and his on the floor on the other side. I went away for a weekend and honestly couldn’t sleep the first night. I thought they both stopped breathing! It took me awhile after I moved to get used to all the quiet coming from that side of the room of course Bentley still snores!:teehee:

For a cheep fix that actually worked for my DH :yay:.
I bought two extra clips just in case he lost the little thing. If he falls asleep without it and starts to rumble, I now just shake him and ask if he is wearing his nose clip.

I wish I could stop the snoring…of my NEIGHBOUR! We live in a semi-detactched house and our bedrooms seem to share the same wall. His snores are so loud sometimes, if I’m having a bad night it drives me mad :wall:
Hubby snores too sometimes but I’ve got him trained. If he starts I just poke him until he shifts into a better position where he stops :teehee: