Hi, I’m looking for a decent snood pattern. I’ve found several patterns for bun-holders (which is not what I’m looking for), and lots of sites on where to buy snoods, but nothing on how to make actual snoods (crochet or knit). Below is a picture to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

I snagged this pic from Lady MacSnood’s website (credit where credit’s due, eh?)


Here’s one I found. There is no picture. I just Googled knitted snood pattern. There were alot of hits. ~Brooke

Here’s a link to a snood thread over at the knitty forums:

I’d seen some of those before, but the ones I’d seen looked like 1940’s glamour-girl styles. I was hoping to make a few of these to wear to a ren fair (or to work, to cover my frequent bad hair days).

One of the sites you’d posted had a link to netting – which would acutally be more accurate for the fair. I’m going to try that! Thank you!!!

You might try a company called AlterYears. Their website bites and you have to call them for customer service- (626) 569-9909 PST M-F 10-5:30; but they were very helpful and have GREAT patterns. I’ve made about six Irish Renaissance dresses and leines from one of their patterns and the hardware they sell for closures is beautiful. If I remember correctly before the travesty of their current web presence, they had snoods advertised.

Another place is, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Ooo! Oo, oo! I found a pattern for making a snood! It is looped, rather than crochet or knit, but it looks easy to do with no outlay for equipment.

If the link doesn’t work, I googled the words “snood head”.

I found THIS

and THIS is a good idea, too!

OT… this is what I thought you meant when I saw the word “snood” … this game got me through college!

Anyway, I’m going to make a mini-snood for my neice: she’s 5 and her hair is nearly down to her butt! (will my SIL cut it? noooooooo. Will she complain about it? yessssssss!!!) Anyway, she’s always flipping it around and getting it all knotty when she’s playing outside, so i thought this would help. I’ll probablly sew some flowers or something else girly around the headband part.

I love that game. Nearly got me kicked OUT of college!