Snail Shell bag

Listed in the bags section in Free Patterns. Has anyone actually made this thing? It says its for beginners, and I’ve don’e everything the pattern says, but it doesn’t look like the picture :frowning: Does anyone have a good eye for telling if patterns are just plain wrong? This is the second project in a row that has ended up useless!! Frustrated Knitter :??

Can you show us what you ended up with. It can be easier to assess a problem from a picture.
I’ll took a look at the instructions and they don’t strike me as being off, but some things just have to be knit to be checked.

Anyway, if you can either post a pic of what you have or describe what you ended up with, we’ll all try to help you out.

Well Unfortunately I don’t have my digi camera yet so I can’t post a pic. I’ve discussed the problem under another topic and someone told me I should try blocking it. Basically the problem is that I tried sewing one of the sides up, and instead of being the flat side of a purse it was more like an ice cream cone. I still haven’t gotten around to blocking it, but thats what I’ll probably try next. I’ve also never actually sewed anything together, so maybe thats part of the problem…but like I said, the knitting part was fine, its the putting it all together thats leaving me baffled, thanks for the help!!!