Smple Sock Monkey Doll

I saw a pattern in KnitPicks for a Banana Sock Monkey. Does anyone know of a free easy pattern for a monkey sock doll? Or even a simple one that I can buy. (I dont’ think they sell the pattern separate.

Knitpicks sells the pattern separately for Mr. Foster, their original monkey; it includes patterns for a few outfits for him too and is 4.99 I think for a downloadable pattern. Carmen Banana is his girlfriend. I haven’t made either of these so don’t know how easy they are.

I’m going to try to make the monkey from Knitted Toys by Fiona McTague. He’s not a sock monkey style monkey, but he’s really cute.

Here’s a couple free ones, but I have no idea if they’re easy. I haven’t made one yet.

If you want to actually make/sew your sock monkey from a pair of red-heeled socks, here’s how it’s done.

Hi. I designed the free sock monkey pattern that was referenced by Jan in CA … (Nean the Bean’s Sockless Sock Monkey) and it [I]is [/I]really easy … I guarantee it! If you like to knit on double-pointed needles … it’s just a matter of creating tubes, really … two arms, two legs, one tail and one thicker body tube. If you have any questions while you’re knitting it, I’d be happy to help! Just email me.

Thank you ladies, I think I will give Nean the Bean’s pattern a try.