Smocking st

still cant get the smock st

Can you post a link the pattern please?

i dont have a link sorry

The problem is it looks like their are multiple ways to do this stitch. If you have the pattern please type out what the instructions are for the stitch pattern and maybe we can help. Where are you having problems?

have to begin row with smocking st, insert RH needle from front btween 6th and 7th sts on LN and draw thru a loop, sl this loop onto LH needle and knit tog with the 1st st on LH needle…it just doesnt look right when i do it…

Here’s a video for a smocking stitch from Vickie Howell just to be sure it’s going right. It may take a row or two to see how nicely this works in the knit fabric.

i watched the video, very helpful… thank u have a good day…

How to knit Smocking and How to: Smocking Stitch (Knitting) both show this technique on Youtube.

If it’s any consolation, someone posted on one of the above videos that they were having problems with this stitch.

Great minds, Salmonmac :thumbsup:. That is the 2nd video that I posted a link to.

just posted smocking st, that when knitting loop and st off yarn was coming from left side, i now know my mistake, i went back to my project which is in the round and figured it out, as yarn is in beginning and not at the end in starting smocking st…i will never forget the smocking st. lol Thanks to everyone who helped me…

sorry, its me again, lol i went btween 6 and 7th st, drew up a loop slipped it on to LN and knit loop st and 1st st together but after i complete knit st it comes apart…going to pull my hair out soon…lol

Are you knitting through [I]both[/I] the first stitch on the needle and the loop that was pulled through the 6th and 7th stitch gap? That will anchor the long loop and keep it from undoing itself. Vicke does that at the end of that smocking stitch video

I merged all your threads today. There might be so e confusion at first with it all in one place, but it’s easier really than multiple threads. So please ask all your questions relatiing to one topic here.

i do knit loop and 1st st together, oh wel…

Are you pulling the loop tighter so that it hugs the stitches it goes around? The only other thing I can think of was already mentioned, that maybe you aren’t getting your needle through the pulled up loop/stitch and the next one.

i was putting needle btween 2nd and 3rd st, i just tried putting needle through pulled up loop/st and next st and it worked, thank u so very much…question when i pull loop thru do i just place it on LN or twist it on…or doesnt it matter…

Just place the loop on the needle. If you twist it, you’ll have a twist in the loop the encircles the stitches.