Smelly hat

Ok…small catastrophe here - hats that I knitted from - the bulky wool - well I handwashed in the hopes of removing the faint vinegar aroma, and folks, the smell that was UNDER the vinegar is horrible! It smells more like dirty animal than wet wool, if you know what I mean.

Any ideas on what might remove the smell? I am going to go ahead and deliver - but am going to take an assortment of other yarn and will just make them both another hat from whatever they pick from the stash. I wouldnt wear this. I can’t expect them to.

What a bummer! May be if you soak them/it for a long time in a pleasant smelling wool wash soap? Then, I don’t know where you live but if it’s very cold outside put them outdoors (on a porch or somewhere). I actually read that when it’s very cold out there are ozones in the air that will clean wool sweaters because ozones or something to do with them are in dry cleaning fluid. I’m not kidding! In the old old days people cleaned their wool rugs this way, leaving them outdoors overnight or more.

just a thought.   maybe the 2 of those combined will get rid of the smell

anybody else have the Smelly Cat song in their head? :rollseyes:

anyway i think i would suggest the same things i would for people with smelly teddy bears. putting them shut up in a bag with a dryer sheet or a yankee candle. leaving them out in the fresh air…things like that.

good luck!

I didn’t until you mentioned it! :wall: I’ll be hearing that in my head all night long at work!

We were singing “smelly cat” all day!!! Actually they did seem to air out as they dried - and I suggested they leave them outside overnight too…I was much more anal than anyone else about it! Thanks for the tips!

I was singing “smelly, hat, smelly, hat, what are they feeding you?” before I even clicked on the thread :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Me too! :roflhard: :roflhard:

It’s been in my head already since seeing that episode where Phoebe teaches it to Chrissie Hynde…of course now it’s “smelly hat, smelly hat, it’s not your fa-a-ault”

YUP! ME TOO! (but wouldnt you EXPECT that of me?)

Smelly Hat…smelllly hat
What did they knit you with?
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Its not your fault!

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How did I know Kelly would come up with lyrics!! :roflhard:

the smelly cat song???

Its from the TV show Friends.

okay now that makes me sad! :wink:

you can click on one of the links here to hear it…i find the second one to be the most amusing! :smiley:

Holy Moly! This reminds me of a situation two years ago…I was on my way to a TOM JONES concert with friends, wearing a vintage sheared lambswool jacket. I wanted to wear something EXTRA WARM because of an experience I had had prior in the same theater (very cold, no heat). It started to rain on my way inside…got there late and ended up finding my seat in the dark. After a few minutes I was disgusted thinking the woman in front of me hadn’t bathed in weeks. I whispered to my friend…we have got to find some open seats…I can’t take this! When all of a sudden I placed my hands near my face…smelled the lovely scent and realized it was my coat! I immediately turned it inside out, trying to hide the scent. After it dried, it was fine! Needless to say, I check the skies whenever I wear that jacket! GOOD LUCK! Your experience brought back a chuckle!