Smaller sizes for options circular needles?

I’m learning to knit socks and just purchased a set of options interchangeable circulars to learn the magic loop method - and for other uses too, of course. I need a smaller size than size 4, which is the smallest I can find for the options. Is there a smaller size in this line? Especially size 2 and 3…

No. I have both the harmony wood and the nickel interchangeable sets and they only go to size 4. You will have to purchase single circulars, which Knitpicks has down to size zeroif you want to do magic loop or purchase dpn’s in the smaller sizes to knit your projects.

Yes, they have smaller sizes, but not in the interchangeables. It has something to do with join being too small to work with a regular cable. They do have fixed circulars though in all the sizes below size 4. :thumbsup:

thanks - I was afraid of this. I’ll buy one or two of the “single” circulars in the smaller sizes.

Yes, what Jan said about being too small for the connectors. Be very careful about where you put your 4s, 5s, and 6s. I’ve accidentally put something on top of them and had them break. Those smaller sizes are delicate. I keep them in the case or put the project I’m knitting with them in a safe place where they’ll likely not be disturbed. Fortunately, Knitpicks was very good about replacing them for me for free.

I should add that I have the Harmony Wood needles.

Wow, great service from Knitpicks for replacing. I haven’t figured out a system for storing my set yet - just carrying all of them around in their little packages… I did order the separate circulars in the small sizes. I like the zephyrs, but they don’t have the smalls in these, for some reason. Onward! and thanks for your help.

I store mine in a Boye crochet hook case. Some you have to wiggle in but the loops stretch. For the larger ones, I pulled up two of the smaller loops to make one big one. I keep the cables in the plastic pouch and it tucks right inside. The pouch zips up. I also got one of those Boye metal knitting gauges with the sizing holes in them. This also tucks in. I like it because it has the American sizes on one side of the holes and the metric sizes on the other. Some patterns only list the metric sizes.

I keep the needle case, scissors, yarn needles and everything I need in a Cumberland Concepts bag so everything is together. I can grab and go. You can buy the bags singly in the office supply section at Walmart.

Two comments

Hiya Hiya, KA, and Boye have interchangeable needles in size 2 and 3.

As for storage I have been using a fishing tackle binder for storage of interchangeable and circular needles.

These can be found at different fishing stores. These are soft sided ring binder with zip-lock bags to hold the fishing tackle.

One example from Bass Pro Shoppes

I, and several friends, use this type for our Options and LOVE it! There are no annoying ties to get caught in other stuff in your knitting bag and it’s compact. Plus you can get numbers for slots or have her iron them on for a few extra dollars. :thumbsup:

I’m sure those are nice sets. The size two and three needles for interchangeable sets is intriguing. But I like wood or bamboo needles and I don’t think they have those, do they? I don’t like plastic and I can’t get good tension with metal needles. They slide all over the place and the stitches are too loose. Besides, I’m spoiled on KP’s pointy tips. It makes it easy to cable and do bind offs. I’m one of those who doesn’t use a cable needle.

Yes, knit picks has wood needles called Harmonies, and they’re very nice. They have pointy tips and while they have a smooth finish, they’re not as slick as the metal ones. The acrylic ones aren’t so bad either, very pointy and not slick, but they’re clear which bothers some people.

I have a set of KA interchangeable needles, and they have sizes down to 2.0 mm which is a US size 0. They have a big set with all sizes from 0 to 15, then there is a Small set, sizes 0 to 3, a Medium set, sizes 4 to 8, and a large set, sizes 9 to 15. You can get tips in all of the sizes separately , as well as cords in lengths from 9.5 to 55 inches. You can also get 2 inch tips. (Most of the sets come with 4 inch tips.)
They are bamboo needles, made by a Japanese company, but there are several American companies that sell them on the internet.
I tried the starter set from Knitpicks, which has three sizes of tips and two cables. There is one tip each in wood, acrylic, and metal. I did like those, but I chose KA because of the variety of the different sets. (I knit mostly with worsted and sport weight yarn, so I got the Medium set and only had to buy the sizes I use the most.)

I have the hiya hiya’s and while they do come incredibly small with a fairly smooth join, they come undone often, the needles are very, very short, AND the cable eventually becomes disconnected from one of the bases. I have tried everything (yes the shelf liner stuff and little bits of neoprene too) short of using a pair of pliers, but they always eventually come undone. All I can think is they don’t have the little hole with the “key” you can put through to give it that extra bit of tightness. None of my knitpics have ever come undone.

PS Hiya hiya also told me I’d have to pay to replace the (in my opinion) defective cables (it’s happened to all my sock sized cables) whereas knitpics has never even required me to so much as return a defective item. I once had one needle that didn’t have a hole to screw the base into and had one cable that didn’t have the base. Both were replaced no questions asked.

The Hiya Hyia cables just push through and have a end heated until there is a small ball of plastic at the end. If the original end is still in the metal base, hold the base in some pliers and heat genteelly over a candle flame. The plastic in the base should burn/drip out.

Push the cable back into the metal base, heat the end, form a ball and pull back into the base. Allow to cool and then try to make sure the connection is tight.

As for the heads coming loose I would try a very small drop of nail polish or white glue (Elmer’s type). Very, very small amount.