smaller diameter knitting in 48 needle round knitting machine


I recently purchased a 48 needle round knitting machine (sentro). I am wondering if there is a way to knit something with a smaller diameter that does not use all the 48 pins. That is if I am trying to make a socks and use all the 48 pints the diameter is becoming too wide.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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can help you out.

Sorry, I have no clue!

Would this be a hobby store plastic model? If it is round, then probably not. But if it is like 2 panels, close together then maybe.
Oh. I just saw it was a Sentro. Round. I dont see a way to do it. Maybe someone more familiar with this type of machine knows how. Sorry.

I was thinking it might be like the one in front.!
You may be able to do it on such a machine (really more of a frame).

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I’m sorry but I don’t know much about the round knitting machines. I use the flatbed kind.

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I do not have any knitting machine but was curious so I searched. I found demo or tutorial videos for vintage round knitting machines that state you can only skip one needle at a time or risk dropping stitches.
Here is the video link.

Maybe it will work similarly for your machine or you may find a related video for a similar type to yours.

I will look again.
(I must not drool over a cool sock knitting machine from W.W.I.)


I saw a vintage sock machine like the one in this video (similar to your video) demonstrated at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It drew a crowd all day and it was fascinating to watch as it cranked out a sock in a very short time.


Wow. I wonder if anyone is making these sock machines via 3D printing. Ive always wanted one because you could rib in the round. My regular flat bed machines can only rib flat, even with the ribber. But by the time I discovered them in the 90s they were $1,000+. Not much less than a really tricked out standard machine of the time, which can do socks & hats & other circular things. Too much for a 1 trick pony IMO.

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