Small felted purse

well i whipped this up Wed. to take to my class reunion that night. i was rushing so i forgot to get a picture of it before i felted it.

Oh, Carmell, I really love it! The shape is very nice…what pattern?! and, as always…darling model that you have :wink: !

oops! i forgot to say all that… it is from the book Knit One Felt Too. i didn’t change the colors or add the beads… didn’t have time. i used the Plush Peruvian Wool that i used for the baby sweater from KnitPicks. i used 3 strandes of it to make it thick. I might embellish it later and add a lining and a snap or something.

:cheering: Looks wonderful!! Your little girl is a doll it looks like its just the right size for her too

Carmell, I think that it looks perfect the way that it is! Now, I’ve got to go buy that book…that bag is just adorable :smiley:

I don’t know which is cuter–the bag or the model!!

trust me she has already laid claim to it. i told her she could have it when i was done with it.

thanks everybody!!!

Oooh, that is so cute! :heart: I love the shape and the color! The model is perfect, too :smiley:

I love the shape of that bag! Very pretty.

Very nice!!! I love the shape of it!

Thanks everybody!!!