Small Felted Purse

I started this in April and I fianlly got it finished.

After felting it got shorter and wider and it is very soft, not sure if I can carry anything in it, it is kinda of small, think it would work if I was just carrying a few things, may need to a button or something to close it.My DD is already asking if she gets it if it’s to small for me to carry,lol. I have alot of the solid color left , so I may make something for her with it, or get some other solid color and do something in stripes.
Before fleting

After felting

I love it! Well done on being brave enough to felt, I shudder at the thought! Nice purse.

Yes that was the scariest part, I kept checking the washer, it got HUGH and then when it spun it was that size, I thought about doing it another time, but figured it would be really small then.

Ohh, felting is nothing. I found the secret to felting is having your hot water heater turned up high so you have really hot water for your washer and checking your project often as in every couple minutes. I know it is a hassle, but it ensures that your felting comes out the way you want, the size you want. Also different wool products come out differently, Lion Brand felts very nicely I think with an average of about 10-15 minutes for a booga bag, the Noro Kureyon is a slow felter I think as much as half an hour and Paton SWS felts super duper fast as little as 5 minutes or even less.

The bag is lovely!!!

That is just adorable!