Small cat Doll?

[b][color=darkred][size=2]Hello! I’m Ichigo (That’s Japanese for Strawberry) . This is my first post here.

I’m always seeing all kinds of patterns for bunnies, but does anyone know of any small, stuffed cat patterns?

I love cats, and I want to try a hand at knitting small versions of my favourite characters from the Warrior Cats Series (

Thanks so much![/size][/color]

xxx [/b]

here are a few links

I’ll second the recommendation of Knitting Pattern Central – you can probably find just about anything you want there.

Here is a page full of crochet cat patterns, too.

Warrior Cats is a fun book series! My daughter is obsessed with Warrior Cats – she’s writing all sorts of fan fiction, was Leafpool for Halloween… she ended up getting me hooked on them too. :wink:

Hi there-
There is a pattern at for a kitten in britches. I used this as a basic shape for a cat and it turned out really well.
Good luck!