Slits in Scarf

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Hey you guys. I’m a beginner knitter (hee hee) and I’ve already completed my first scarf. It’s a Christmas present for my boyfriend and I think it turned out quite well. :slight_smile: However, I also wanted to make gifts for 4 other family members: my mother, my two sisters (25; 17), and my niece (7). I’m pressed for time, so I know that I probably won’t be able to do much, probably just scarves for them as well. But I don’t have time to make really long ones. I remember seeing on television a scarf that enabled the wearer to pull one end through the other end, kind of like a tie. So the scarf would have slits on either end, and would be a lot shorter and not as time consuming. But I’m not quite sure how to do this.

So to sum it all up:

  1. How do I create slits in a scarf?

  2. What should my next project be?


i think i answered your other post.

The easiest way to do a “keyhole” scarf is to knit 4-6" in garter stitch (knitting every row) then knit across half of the stitches and start another ball of yarn there. Knit back and forth across the rows- one side of the slit is worked using one ball and the other using the other- until you slit is about two thirds of the width of the scarf you are knitting. Knit all the way across the row then and snip off the second ball. Finish knitting the length of the scarf like you usually do and then weave all of the tails in.

This is a free pattern at Lion Brand yarn that is an example.

If you can find some “fun” yarns that would suit each person, this is a fast way to have splashy gifts on a pretty small budget. Have fun!

Good luck!

Wow, thanks you guys!

Hey Michaele!!

I made several of those type scarves this year for presents- I found a really good idea on Knitty Gritty (it was a knitting show on tv)- I never saw the real show, but I found it online. If you do a Google search for Knitty Gritty you will find that scarf in the videos that run on the homepage. Basically you knit for 4 inches, then bind off the middle stitches, knit across the rest of the row and then when you get to the middle stitches again, you cast them back on. It is easier if you see the video! :slight_smile:

I did mine with like size 13 needles and fun fur type yarn. They are short and the big needles and fuzzy yarn make them fun and quick!

As for a good project after scarves, I am not really sure. I went from scarves to knitting mini stockings, but since it is almost Christmas you might want something less Christmassy - I’m not sure. After I get my last scarf done, I want to make a hat!

Good luck!