Slipping stitches to start heel

OK I am stuck. Somehow I am not comprehending the insturctions. I am making a sock following Silvers pattern on the sock calss page This is the page I am on.

It says to slip the stitches to one needle until I have 20 10 10. When I slip the stitches my working yarn comes out 4 stitches in from the end. I know this is just because I am reading the instructions wrong, but I just can’t get my mind turned around the correct way. I realize this sock website is written in a plain, easy to understand way but I am just not seeing it.

Can someone help me decipher this?

Put the stitches back to the point your working yarn is at , this should be right in the middle of the heel. Put 10 stitches on the first needle, 20 stitches on the next needle (instep). 10 on the third needle. The two needles with 10 on them will be your heel stitches. Hope this helps you.

So basically I am just reorienting the stitches on the other needles and just slipping them from needle to needle until they are correct?

Thank you for wording that so I could understand it. I was slipping the stitches from the wrong end. Now it is working correctly. Now off to do the heel of this sock.

Yes, Now you are off and running. I had a problem understanding this very thing at first. Once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy. If you need help turning the heel, let us know. We want to get you addicted to sock’s like the rest of us. :woot:

Your help set me off and running. Since you explained how to slip those silly stitches I have made and turned the heel, made and shaped the gusset and am now off to making the foot for DH’s long odd shaped foot. I have not had any trouble learning how to knit socks. In 2 weeks I have gone from not knowing how to cast on to making a sock. Soon I will be venturing down another side street as I continue my journey into the wonderful world of knitting.

Good for you. :yay: Have fun & don’t forget to post pictures for us to see your FO’s if you can.