Slipping stitch?


ok, so slipping a stitch is supposed to be the easiest thing out there. Yet, I think I am doing it wrong (but that is because the pattern to me is vague)
So the rows is simply *P1, s1 repeat
About those slips.
1 - it doesn’t say knit wise or purl wise. I was told if it doesn’t say, always slip purl wise. So I am pretty confident on this one.
2 - where is the yarn? Should the yarn be in front (where it is left from the purl) or does it need to be moved to the back?


If you don’t do anything else to the stitch on the same row, slip it purlwise. If you do something to it (as in a dec, sl 1, k1, psso) then you slip knitwise.

Are there notes somewhere else in the pattern that might say to move the yarn to the front or back when slipping? A link to the pattern or a picture would be helpful.


The pattern is the Baby Bunny Blanket that is on the lion brand web site. I am working on the head, which some wonder of knitting creates a tube for being stuffed even though I am knitting straight rows.
I did this once, and I had no opening so I assumed I did something wrong and ripped it all out. I’m about to work on the head again and I don’t want to do it wrong this time.
someone said that it is because of the slipping and not moving the yarn to the back. I just wanted more opinions on this before I did it yet again.


Is this purled side the WRONG SIDE of the item, or the RIGHT SIDE?

Prolly the WRONG SIDE, I’m assuming.

If you keep the working yarn closest to you (front) while you P1, sl 1, P1, sl 1…the working yarn will just reach across the sl 1 to get to the next P1. That sounds okay, and sounds right.

However, if you do the opposite:

yarn in front of work: P1
yarn in back of work: sl 1
yarn back in front of work: P1
yarn in back of work: sl 1

you will create a “choker” stitch across the slipped stitch on the RIGHT SIDE.

Does the pattern photo look like there is a design element that has this choker?

I bet not.

I wish I had more information about the pattern. I could help more.

Other members here at KH will weigh in on your question.
Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


both the RS ad the WS are the same here. It is just p1, s1


It’s double knitting to form the head, with a reverse stockinette surface.
They neglect to mention w/ yarn in back, but the other extremely similar pattern (for the cuddly bunny blanket) does specify.


According to some notes in Ravelry you slip as if to knit with the yarn in back.


I can see this is old, but I’m becoming a grandmother in 2019, so I still need help. I hope someone out there can help me. I’m knitting the Baby Bunny Blanket as well and the comments about the pattern almost all mentioned the difficulty of knitting the head. So, my question is the same as above, but I’m going to put it SUPER simply (haha, I hope): P1, S1 back and forth, so on both right and wrong sides.
A) Do I purl as usual and then slip the next stitch purlwise with the yarn staying in front? B) Do I purl 1 and then move the yarn to the back and slip the stitch knitwise then return the yarn to the front for the purl stitch? Or C) Do I purl 1, leave the yarn in front, but slip the stitch knitwise?

I know I’m probably overthinking this, but I really don’t want to have to rip everything out and since there were so many negative comments about knitting the head, I want to understand what the pattern means.




@Czarina, do you have a link to the pattern? Or are you able to provide a picture of what the bunny head is looking like and some of the instructions?


Yes. Thank you! Here’s the link:


Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! Wonderful news.
The head on this blanket buddy is knit as a pocket. Purl one, take the yarn to the back between the needles and slip one purlwise. Then bring the yarn to the front between the needles to purl the next stitch.

The slipped yarn will be on the inside of the pocket which forms the head. This will eventually be stuffed. It is a way of double knitting as mentioned above.


Thank you so very much!! Looking at the picture, it doesn’t seem to show the slipped stitches on the head, and that confused me. Thanks again!



Yup, the slipped sts are hidden on the inside. You should see the pocket begin to develop after a few rows.
Have fun finishing up and show us a photo!