Slipping Stitch Purlwise then Ribbing

Hello all!! I’m wondering if anyone can advise how to slip a stitch purlwise at the beginning of each row but then purl and keep the nice slip stitch edge? I’m clearly doing something wrong because the edge on the purl rows doesn’t look the same as the knit. I’m trying to do ribbing and love the slip stitch for ease of seaming at the end but I’m stumped!

Are you working in stockinette? If yes, on the knit side, yarn in back, you slip stitch the first and last stitch purl wise. Your next row, the purl row, you purl all stitches and repeat both rows over and over.

Ok. Makes sense. I’m actually working in ribbing for a few rows then garter. Any thoughts on what I would do for the ribbing section?

When ribbing, the first stitch you slip purl wise…that one is normal. It’s the last stitch that’s a bit tricky. Let me see if I can explain it.

The last stitch, normally when you purl, you wrap the yarn over and around and through, instead, lay the yarn down and pull it through the stitch. Does that make sense? If not, let me see if I can upload a sample. I’m new to this forum so not sure how it all works.

place the yarn under, push it through the stitch and pull it out.

I have no clue how to post a sample video, which I’m happy to do for you if I can figure it out.

Thanks for the video, it helps to see what you are describing! So say I’m doing 2x2 ribbing would I slip the first stitch purl wise and then purl the next, then knit the next two, etc.?
When I turn the work to start back do I have to slip knit wise or still purl both ends?

In my experience when I slip the first stitch purlwise I knit the next stitch. If my second stitch is a purl stitch then I slip the first stitch knitwise.
Maryna from has this tutorial showing 5 ways to make a neat edge, personally I find her explanations very easy to follow.
Persevere because one you master this technique you will not want to work your edges any other way, I also find this edge makes it easier for picking up stitches along an edge.

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