Slipping first stitch of every row for a neat edge

A baby blanket pattern i am going to attempt calls for “slipping first stitch of every row for a neat edge”. I attempted this with a sample swatch and get anything but a neat edge, one is in fact rather “loopy”. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Just take first stitch on left needle and pass to right, correct? Am I missing something? Thanks…

I got a nice edge on a scarf by knitting the last stitch of every row and slipping the first stitch of every row as if to purl.

It doesn’t sound like you are missing anything. :thinking:

I’ll try again and post a pic if I get the same results…thanks! :??

Just a guess here… But, I know that you’re always supposed to slip your stitches “as if to Purl”… If your slipping them “as if to Knit”, maybe this could be the cause of your lumpiness.

“Always” is a dangerous word, Glen. :wink: Your general idea is correct though. My first thought was that you were possibly slipping the wrong way. Your pattern should tell you whether to slip as knit or purl.

Yes, I always thought that you slip as a knit when it’s a knit stitch and purl slip when you’re purling. :thinking: unless the pattern tells you otherwise

When you slip a stitch as if to knit, you twist it. If you slip it to purl you just transfer it from one needle to the other. That’s the only difference. I usually slip to purl unless it tells me to do it as a knit.

And also make sure not to tug on the stitch when you slip it. In my experience, the slightest tug can stretch the st. Even the smallest stretch can stick out like WHOA :shock:


After a few practice swatches, I figured out what I was doing wrong! :happydance:

Instead of wrapping the yarn around to the back (where it pretty much was to begin with after slipping the stitch) I was simply knitting the following stitch as is. Now I don’t know if the same concept applies for the purl, but I can play around with a couple more swatches to find out :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What I just did on a scarf for the purl was to slip the first stitch and the bring the yarn up around the back and between the first two stitches (the slipped one and the first purled one) to purl the next stitch. I don’t know if this is the ‘proper’ way, but it looked nice.

That would make sense because it is the opposite to what I found worked for me with the knit… I had originally tested my theories on a ribbed pattern and one side was completely different than the other :wall: