Slippery yarn

I am trying to knit a sample with a skein of Alpaca Soxx (Lang) on a metal circular needle and find this yarn very slippery. I would prefer to knit my sample (and eventually my socks) on a metal circular needle rather than a wood circular needle which I do not have presently. Should I double my yarn with another fingering or sock yarn and if so, is there a particular material (cotton or other) that would facilitate my knitting? Thank you.

Knitters Pride Dreamz or the inexpensive Clover knitting needles are the ones I use for slippery yarn.

If you have a yarn store, perhaps you could take your yarn to them and ask what needles they would suggest for slippery yarn.

Thank you for your reply. Nevertheless, I would like toi use the needles I already own, if possible.

There are some things that might work but I would hate to mess with a good set of metal needles like Addis. It would be better and no doubt cheaper by far to order bamboo or wood online.

See especially the caveat at the end of this article.

Thank you for your reply. I am considering buying a wood circular needle as my project was to knit a first pair of socks with magic loop. Each time I have used circular needles that are not fixed, I encountered some issues. I learned something new reading the QUICKtip on conditioning knitting needles! Lastly, I could also choose another yarn to knit those socks with magic loop. Thank you for your clever remarks! Take care! :wink:

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