Slipper Without Written Pattern

Hey all, I am in a horrible situtation and need help! Attached is a slipper my step daughter had but lost the other match.

She asked me if I could figure it out and knit a new pair or two. Well, I think the right side is knit every row and every 5 stitches make up a new “welt”. I have also attached the wrong side and “this is what is making me go crazy”.

Is there anyone that can help me? Perhaps my conclusion of the right side is possibly wrong.

I would appreciate any help and thank you,

:help: Grandma Pat

They look like elongated stitches used to pull purl ridges together to make the gathered look on the right side.

My guess is, insert your needle in a purl bump, and again in another a few rows up, wrap the yarn around the needle as if to knit, but wrap it 2, maybe 3 times, and bring them through the two purl bumps to knit it. Next row, knit just one loop from the previous wraps, and drop the other loop (or 2) off.

You’ll have to do a test run to get it right, but I really believe that is on the right track. The picture is small, but it kind of looks like them. It says something about pulling the second color in back of the first to create the “puff”.

:cheering: Silver and Ingrid…by George, I think you have helped. Thank you both. I will let you know the outcome.

:thumbsup: Grandma Pat

This looks like the one you showed a photo of, Good Luck!!

By Jove, I think you’ve got it! :cheering: