Slipper Socks

I finished these slipper socks. I’m mailing them to my younger daughter, (she’s 28) soon.
She wanted some that were warm, says she gets cold feet.

So, I got some super-soft Bernat Baby Lash yarn, combined it with
some thin red heart yarn, and made these up for her.

oh I love those! I want those on my feet right now! Fuzzy and cozy and sunny! Nice!!

Ohhhh I could just slip my feet into those right now…there georgous x

I just came in from shoveling about 6" of snow. I wish I had a pair of those right now to keep me warm. Great job!

Ya’ll make me feel sorry for you! Cold feet! awww!
Well, these are easy to make.
Just get some baby lash yarn, and some other kind of red heart yarn,
and knit them up. They’re very soft, too.

Thank you for your compliments. I wish I had the motivation to knit some for all of you.
Maybe I should start a northerner’s fuzzy slipper sock charity.

Send me the yarn, and some Godiva chocolates, and i’ll knit you a pair.

Those are nice slippers, I bet DD will love 'em!

What kind of pattern did you use?

:happydance: Great job!!

an old pattern, circa 1950, at:

if you google aunt maggie’s slippers, you’ll get this:

Aunt Maggie’s Slippers
I have been looking all over for a pattern like the slippers Aunt Maggie and my mom used to make and I finally found one in an old pattern book from the … - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

They look so nice and warm. I too just got in from shovelling. I want them on my feet, NOW!!! Oh well, I have this pattern, perhaps I should make myself a pair of them with the fuzzy yarn added. I made a plain pair but I made them too large and they fall off my feet.

Anyways, those look so lovely, I am sure your DD is gonna love them. Great job!

They are just wonderful! :thumbsup: How cozy looking! Love the soft butter yellow, too! Thanks for sharing!

Those are ADORABLE!! She’ll love them!

Those look so cozy and warm! I think she’ll love them.