Slipper Pattern Help

I need help to try to understand this slipper pattern on this website can’t understand this part
Next you will do a round of sc all around the sole in the following manner:.The rest is on the website itself.I would like it if some people could respond and tell me what to do.Thanks.

Whoops.I made a mistake in the website link.It’s

You are going to go around the sole of the slipper with sc before you start the body.
After row 29, you have 3 sc. Turn your work and slip stitch in the first sc. Slip stitch, ch 1, sc in the second sc. sc in the 3rd sc. You have made 2 sc.
Now you continue down the side of the sole by doing a sc in the end of each of the 29 rows. You now have made 31 sc.
You are at the opposite end now, the end where you made your foundation ch. You worked in 3 ch in that foundation–sc in each of them. Now you have made 34 sc around the sole.
You are now on the final edge of the sole. Again, do 1 sc in the end of each of the 29 rows. Total is now 63 sc.
You are back where you started. sc in the first slip stitch. Total: 64 sc around the sole. ch 1, turn, and you are ready to begin the body of your slipper.

Thanks Pamj,:happydance:I can make them now for my mother.:woot:

That is such a pretty pattern. Let us know how they turn out! What kind of yarn are you using? I’ve never made anything with double yarn. I wonder if I could use a chunkier one.

The yarn that i’am using is worsted weight 4 ply and a size I hook.:thumbsup: Even though it is abit tight with 2 strands of 4ply and a size i hook.:teehee:But i can only get the gauge with this yarn and a size i hook.
Thanks for responding back again.:hug:

Whoops.I forgot to answer your other question :aww:.You could probarly use a chunkier yarn .Just be sure to get gauge, if you want to go by gauge.It’s all right if you don’t go by gauge, sometimes i don’t.:rofl: