Slipper Gifts

My goal was to knit up 3 pair of slippers for my 3 daughters that are still at home. I got the first pair finished, and they’re so warm and squishy and soft. I put them on to check the size last night and I have to admit I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop ever since. I even slept in them. It’s going to be hard to give them away.

Do you ever have a hard time giving away your knitted projects to the intended recipient? I do.

Yes, I have a hard time giving away some of my projects, but I do. Sometimes I feel like I am always knitting gifts, especially right now. I promised myself that in Jan I would knit myself at least 1 hat and some fingerless gloves.

What pattern did you use for the slippers? Do you have any pictures? Right before I sat down at the computer, I was thinking that I’d like a pair of knitted slippers. Then I saw your post…It must be destiny.

I second the request to find out what pattern you used. Would love to see your cosy slippers. I just gave my MIL a shawl that I made, and immediately regretted it.

Sounds like you may have to knit 4 pairs, that way you can keep the first one for yourself.

I’ve had it both ways… sometimes I start a project for someone and then keep it for myself and then at other times I start a project for myself and end up giving it to someone.

It is hard to sometimes give items away but I do try to make them for people I love and that makes it easier. The nice thing about knitting a project is that if you do like it you can always make another.

My knitted bears…they are soo cute…and I never want to give them away…

Here’s the pattern - you may decide to tweak it for your own preference.

Use 4 different strands of yarn - 2 of each color - worsted weight,
Size 10 needles

Using 2 strands of first color cast on 30 stitches for ladies, 40 stitches for men

Knit 5 stitches, then start 2nd color and knit 5 stitches. Change color every 5 stitches and carry the strands up the back.
2nd row is the same, but to change colors you have to bring the yarn forward to switch colors, then put it back to knit.

Make sure to cross the yarns over each other at color changes so you don’t have gaps.

Continue in St stitch until you have 25 ridges (ladies) or 32 ridges (men size 10 foot)

Next row dec 1 stitch in each stripe .Knit back
Next 2 rows dec in each stripe again. (3 stitches in each stripe now)
Gather all these toe stitches onto a double strand of the yarn and tie it off. Stitch up the top of the foot and the heel.

It is sort of a pattern I figured out from an existing slipper. I can’t promise professional results on sizing and etc. Just try them for yourself. I have also knit them up with 2 single strands of that Lion Jiffy thick and quick. The sizing seems to be the same. It’s a little easier to manage 2 strands than 4.

Put all the balls of yarn in ziplock bags and that avoids most tangles.

Have you got a photo to show. I’m having a problem visualising the striping and how it is done. Worsted yarn is that Cascade 220 and then using two strands of that?

Here’s a picture. I’m afraid I’ve been wearing them around, so they don’t look all perfect anymore.

Looks great. I guess that is a good excuse why you have to keep this first pair for yourself.

These are great! My sister’s ex-MIL made her a pair of similar slippers years and years ago, but she had alternated the stitches in the stripes too, so it ended up a checker-board pattern, probably 5 rows by 5 stitches or something like that. They were the warmest slippers and wore very, very well, so lasted a long time… I’ll have to go looking for that pattern and see how close it is to this one… sounds really close and the picture looks just like them except it’s got the checker-board pattern… and I think she added a pompom on the top.

Thanks for sharing!!