Slip-through scarf

I was wondering if I could use the instructions for making a button-hole for one of those scarves that you slip one end of the scarf through a slit on the other end of the scarf to just hold the scarg crossed over your chest? Get what I mean? Is that the ONLY way to do it (via button-hole stitching) or is there like, an “official” way?
Thanks for your help!

It’s called a keyhole scarf. I don’t know how much the directions differ. You could do a Google for knitted keyhole scarf and you’ll get free patterns.

Try this -,2025,DIY_14141_3520246,00.html

There is a video that shows you one method.

I’ve knitted several of these from Lion Brand:

Nothing fancy, just knitting the two sides of the keyhole separately for a few rows, then joining the rows back again.