Slip stitching in the round

I’m fairly new to crochet. I’m trying to do hats in the round. When I get to the end of the round and slip stitch, I get this horrible hole. How do I do this to transition rounds and still look smooth? Is there any tutorials or videos that you could recommend? I looked at Mikey Sellick’s (The Crochet Crowd) Curtzy crochet tutorials on Youtube. He makes it look easy but my transitions look big enough to drive a truck through. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Practice? You probably need to be pulling the yarn tighter at some point.

Try this video. I find she does tutorials that work for me. Maybe you’ll see what you need to see. You can skip up to about about 2:00 in the video if you want.

Are you familiar with magic circle for starting the hat? Here’ a tutorial, not exactly the way I learned it, but it looks pretty good. There should be other possible videos to check out when you get there.

I just looked at your christening gown. Anyone who can make that will be able to master the slip stitch in crochet. Hang in there, you’ll get it.

Sometimes people use a shortened stitch for the first stitch of a round. So if you’re using dc, you would ch 2 rather than ch 3, and if you’re using hdc, you would just ch 1 rather than ch 2. Obviously, though, this doesn’t work too well if you’re using sc all the way around.

Here’s a tutorial with pictures and explanations, which might help:

If that doesn’t work, you could try using a smaller hook to create the sl st. Then switch back to your normal size hook. That would be a pain, I know, but it might work!

Takes care of that ugly hole on top. Brilliant! Thank you!

Using fewer chains makes sense to me. I will definitely try your idea, too. Thank you!