Slip stitches and carrying yarn alongside (2 Q's)

  1. I follow the rule of thumb that all slip stitches are purlwise unless otherwise noted, but wanted to double check on a particular stitch pattern called flame stitch I’ve started working. Since there are slips on the knit row and then slips on the following purl row, should the ones on the K row be kwise and P row purlwise or still follow the general rule?

  2. I know there is also a rule of thumb about carrying when doing stripes (like in the flame stitch picture,) but I can’t remember what… is it don’t do it more than 1/2 inch or 1 inch or something? And aren’t you supposed to stay kinda loose when carrying too?

Thanks bunches!!! :slight_smile:

I always slip as if to purl unless told otherwise. Slipping as if to knit twists the stitch, so no matter what side I’m slipping, I’d do it purlwise.

You can carry the yarn up the side for however long you like. I definitely wouldn’t cut it for this. I really depends on what you want the edge to look like and how many ends you want to weave in.