Slip stitch when making a rib scarf

I searched but did not see anything on this. Feel free to point me to the information if it exists already!

I’m a beginner and making my second scarf (the first was just knitting). I want to do a scarf with 2k2p2k for 24 stitches. Several people told me to have the first stitch be a slip stitch (this means to me that I don’t knit or purl the first stitch, just move the loop to the needle).

Several questions:

  1. do I now cast on 25 stitches where the first is slip stitch and the other 24 are knitted/purled?
  2. if I slip the first stitch and 2k2p2k the other 24, what happens on the next row? Slip stitch, 1p2k2p? or slip stitch, 2p2k2p…etc.

I’m hoping I’m explaining myself.

Any other advice on a simple scarf is welcome!

For a nice edge on a scarf, you’d cast on an extra stitch at each end. Slip the first one and knit the last one on every row.

When you knit the second stitch, make sure you bring the yarn around the edge of the work under the right needle and behind the needle to knit the stitch after the slip, and if the stitch after the slip is a purl, bring the yarn around the edge under the right needle and between the needles to the front to purl the next stitch. You’ll have a nice neat edge on both sides.

Oh–slip as if to purl.

Hi Ingrid,
I think I’m starting to understand this but I’m hoping you can help a little more. I’m so new I want to start in on this scarf and finish it successfully.

If I originally planned a scarf to be 2k,2p,2k I would now cast on 8 stitches.
On the first row I would slip,2k,2p,3k.
The second row I would slip 2p,2k,2p,1k?
Row 3 I would slip, 2k, 2p,3k.
Is this right?

Finally, what does it mean to slip as if to purl?

Thank you so much!

What you have is correct. To slip as if to purl is to put your needle in the stitch as if you were going to purl it–from right to left–it avoids having the loop be twisted as it would if you slipped it as if to knit.