Slip stitch tensioning

Hi. I’m using a slip stitch pattern, and I’m still having g trouble figuring out the best way to tension the working yarn while slipping. In other words, how much slack is actually needed when slipping?

The link to my project is below.

I know if I don’t leave enough slack, things will get “pucker-y” in a hurry. But I seem to be having problems at times leaving [I]too[/I] much slack, and a few stitches end up incredibly loose.

Ideas, thoughts?

A slip stitch or two usually don’t cause too much tension problems. Just don’t pull on the yarn to close up the space behind the slip stitches.
I wonder if this is fair isle however, where strands of yarn are carried behind a second color. That can present a problem because you don’t want the sts too loose but neither do you want the fabric to pucker. I stretch out the knit fabric on the right needle as I knit to make sure the floats aren’t pulled too tightly.

When I do mosaic knitting - this is that style - I find that it’s easy to leave the yarn too loose behind the slipped stitches and tend to need to tighten it a little. It should fit comfortably behind the slipped stitches without pulling or gapping so you’re looking for the Goldilocks zone. Only practice can show you just what you need to do. I think I’ll try this pattern soon.