slip stitch selvedge

Hello everyone,

I’m knitting my first cardigan. I’ve gone for a slip (purlwise) stitch edge and I’m working the right front. I just want to make the nice edge on the side of the cardigan with the buttons, not the seam side. But I’ve noticed that if I don’t slip the stitch while working the seam side, the edge isn’t as nice on the button-hole side. I hope that makes sense. In other words, do I have to slip the stitch on WS and RS too, if I just want the selvedge on one side?

See if one of these methds works for you.

You can slip at the beginning of the row or at the end but not at both. Try these out on a swatch to see which you prefer.

Hi there,

Thanks! I’m only slipping at the beginning of the row. But I was doing so only on one side (in other words, at the beginning of the “nice” edge, and then when I turned the work around to the seam edge, I didn’t bother slipping). So what I mean is, should I slip the first stitch of every row even if I only want the nice edge on just the buttonhole side?

No, you don’t have to slip at the beg of every row. You can do just as you say and have one smooth chain edge and one edge for the seam. Enjoy the cardi and post a photo when you finish. We love to see finished work!

Hi Salmonac,

I’ve gone ahead and slipped the first stitch of every row anyway, because I just thought it look a bit different if I only slipped every other row. Try and it maybe you’ll notice a difference. Or is it just me!

I will definitely post a photo of the completed project when it’s done. If it gets done. This is my third attempt :tired_face: