slip stitch selvedge edge help

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This is my third “slip stitch” related question in a week, here it goes…

For my garter stitch cardigan I’ve used an edge which involves slipping the first stitch purlwise (yarn in back) and knitting last stitch. Now, when done in a swatch, this “pattern” looks different depending on which edge you’re looking at. I’m not talking about WS or RS, I mean that if you have a swatch right face up to you, the left edge and right edge are very different. Have you noticed? This is an issue because when I fold over the cardigan’s Left Side and Right Side, so that the cardigan is closed and buttoned up, you clearly see that the two edges which meet in the middle don’t look the same.

Have I done something wrong or is this just the way it is? I’d like the cardigan to look symmetrical.


In garter stitch I think you slip the stitches purl wise with the yarn in front, and it does give a nice edge, though I rarely bother as I think plain old garter stitch leaves its own nice edge.

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Slipping with yarn in back gives a bumpy edge which is not as nice as the plain garter stitch edge, in my opinion. Slipping with yarn in front gives a chain edge. When you slip this way the chain tilts a bit to the side facing. If this is what you’re noticing, you’re not doing anything wrong.
Do your cardigan fronts overlap? Can you give us a link to the pattern please.

Hi there,

Here’s an image of the Left and Right Fronts of the cardigan (which is not yet assembled). You can clearly see that the edge is not the same. This is what I got from slipping every first stitch on every row purlwise and knitting the last stitch.

Here’s the free pattern from Lionbrand:

I just wanted to add, Salmonac, how do you knit in garter and get it to look neat?

Your edges look nice and neat. They’re not exactly the same but still, they look good and certainly aren’t distracting. Baby and family are going to love this adorable little cardi.
Here’s yet another video which may help with the edges. It shows the variations on slip stitch edges.

For myself, I think the neat garter stitch edge came with practice and even tension.


Thanks very much! I really lack confidence in my knitting and second-guess myself. I’m overwhelmed by all the polished-looking knitwear on Pinterest and Instagram. Sigh When I finish I’ll post a picture of the cardigan for your feedback :slight_smile:

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In knitting slipped stitches are always done purlwise with the yarn in front, unless your pattern tells you to do it differently, that is usually the reason they will look different end to end.

Thanks Lisa, but there seems to be a difference of opinion on this. Have a look at what this lady says.