Slip stitch hem into place

I can’t find any instructions as to how to slip-stitch hem into place. Is it like sewing? Won’t I get pulling?

yes, it is just like sewing, and yes, if you pull it too tight, it will be visible.

go along gently, and you’ll be fine, (check your progress as you go, to make sure your slip stitches aren’t visible in front)

I have never seen this in a pattern, but if you slip the same searies of stitches on the same side for about 2 inches, then simply resume knitting, it will make a hem
the slipped stitches would be the Same as the basting stitch when sewing a Hem

this is just how I think it through

am I right?


I’m very intrigued by this method you mention, but I’m not sure I get it. Would I slip the stitches where I want the hem to come up to?