Slip stitch edging is only on one side


I cast on for the Besotted Scarf today. (I needed a break from my st st sweater) I am slipping the first stitch of every row and knitting the last stitch as the pattern says. But the pretty chain is only on one edge. The other edge looks like garter stitch edging. I wanted to have the nice chain edge on both sides. What am I doing wrong? I am slipping the first stitch knitwise.


Are you slipping the first stitch on both edges?

That’s the only thing I could think too is that you are forgetting to slip the stitch on both sides.

It could be that at the beginning of the row, you could be bringing the yarn around the side of the edge after slipping and knitting the second stitch. Bring the yarn between the slipped stitch and the second one and then knit the second one.

Make sure you’re slipping it PURLWISE on both edges :wink:

Thank you all. I think I figured it out, based on the answers. I was slipping the first stitch of every row, but I was slipping them knitwise, which was wrong, as Redheadrachel pointed out. Also, I was purling the last stitch of every other row, so I fixed the pattern so that I will knit the last stitch of every row.

Now it works! :woohoo: