Slip stitch at beginning of rows

Question for slipping a stitch on Row 1[RS] it says SL1 [K2,P2] to last stitch, end P1
Row 2 [WS] SL1 [P2,K2] to last stitch, end K1 is there a way to make the edge look nice by slipping the first stitch? the edge will be on a sweater. Thank you for any help.

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You can slip knitwise or purlwise as shown in this video. I don’t slip if the slip stitch edge is going to be hidden in a seam.


Thank you salmonmac, i would love to have this pattern have a seam and hide the slip stitches, I’m hoping to make the slip stitches nice enough.

Slipping does make a nice edge just be sure to always slip the same way…with yarn in front or back. They do look slightly different.

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Thank you! it a little confusing just because the end of row 1 is purl the stitch then the beginning of row 2 is slipping the the stitch i just purled and at the end of row 2 is knit the stitch. this is a one piece sweater I’m making so its a cardigan knit in one piece [left front, back, right front]

If you’re going to slip the first stitch and purl the last, you’ll ignore the pattern direction for the last stitch. Whether it’s a purl or knit, purl it. In your pattern, the first stitch is a slipped stitch anyway so you can do that.

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This is what my grandmother taught me eons ago - always slip the first stitch.

Works well for me.

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I always slip the stitch purlwise unless stated otherwise in the pattern. As others have said, this makes a nice edge.

Thank you

Thank you for your help its looking good