Slip stitch at beginning of row?

I have been working on a pink winter scarf for a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. It is a soft chunky type yarn, worked in a simple rib, k2 p2 pattern. I had been slipping the first k stitch on each row, and for some reason I forgot and k the first stitch on 3 rows before I realized what I had done! Ugh! How do I correct those stitches? I can correct stitches in a row, but the end/beginning always confuses me.:aww: help…

Here’s the way to correct those edge sts. I would try it out on a swatch first just to make sure it’s worth it.

Thank you sooo much! That answered my dilema exactly. I understand it…but, I’m thinking I may just frog the 3 rows since they are short enough and I don’t want to have a tension issue or possibly end up with more of a mess on the edge if I drop a stitch in the process. This is where a knitting group would be so helpful. I am self taught thanks to Knitting Help, and with some methods finding a real life teacher to show it would be helpful. I want to get this simple project finished but will be spending more time on the site you recommended;it’s bookmarked! Thanks again :slight_smile:

There are times I’ve gone back to fix errors and by the time I was finished, I could have frogged the entire project and reknit it. Sometimes the most efficient thing to do is just take out entire rows and re-do them. There are some good tips for re-inserting nedles on the Free Videos tab in case you need them. Good luck with the rest of the scarf which is a very thoughtful gift.