Slip stiches

[color=olive]if i slip a stitch doesn’t that take away from how many stitches i have in my round? :?? [/color]

Nope, only if it asks you to pass slipped stitch over.

[color=olive]oh crap what does that mean??? cause i think that is what i’ve been doing!!! how do you just slip a stitch? :wall: [/color]

Just move it from your left needle to your right! :smiley:

[color=olive]O well that is simple enough!!! Thanks a bunch!!! :lol: [/color]

Also, if it’s in a knit row you want to slip the stitch knitwise and if it’s in a purl row you slip the stitch purlwise. Make sense?

[color=olive] :shifty: huh no [/color]

Generally, to keep the stitch from twisting on your needles, you need to slip the stitch purl-wise; as in, insert the RH needle as if to purl, but just transfer over to the right needle without looping the yarn and pulling through.

As for knit or purl - take into account what your next stitch will be. If you are going to knit the next stitch, your yarn will need to be pulled to the back when you slip. If you are going to purl the next, your yarn will need to be pulled forward. This is to make sure your feed yarn ends up in the right place to make your next stitch.

There are times when you need to slip a stitch knit-wise, but it will result in a twisted stitch. Try it; when you slip purl wise, the loop arcs from back to front, left to right; the right side of the loop is on the front of your needle. When you slip knit wise, the right side of the loop is on the back of the needle.

Let me know if this doesn’t make any sense…

:thumbsup: [color=olive]gotcha. i kindof figured it out when knitqueen mentioned it. i went back and looked at what i was doing! thanks for all your help![/color]

If the directions say to p1, sl2 wyib, p2, do I slip purlwise or knitwise? Same for the next row that says to k2, sl2 wyif, k2. Do I slip purlwise or knitwise? “wyif” and “wyib” is confusing me. Thanks so much. Glenda :XX:

Unless stated otherwise, you can generally assume slipping is to be done purlwise (this is to keep the stitch loop going the right direction on your needles).

The abrivations wyib and wyif mean “with yarn in back” and “with yarn in front” respectivly. So, for wyib, put the working yarn to the back of the fabric (like you were going to knit), and slip the stitches purlwise. With wyif, pull the working yarn to the front as if to purl, and slip the stitchs purlwise.

[color=red]Thank you so much. You are an :angelgrin: . My gut instinct said to do it like you said but I just wasn’t sure. I love this site. I’m sort of a self taught knitter, so this site is wonderful for me. I’ve have learned so much by just reading the posts! Glenda[/color]