Slip purlwise stitch

What is a slip purlwise stitch? Is there a video on this? i looked but didn’t see one or know what I was looking for.


To slip a stitch purlwise, you just move it from your left needle to your right without doing anything to it. Purlwise means to insert your right needle as if you were going to purl it.

ok - so how do I get the thread I am knitting with back to the end…My pattern calls for knit 6 then bring yarn around and slip purlwise the next 3 stitches…

CONFUSED!!! :slight_smile:

You do exactly what it says. Bring the yarn foward, just slip the next three stitches–the yarn will strand across the front-- then put the yarn to the back to knit the next stitches, if that’s what it calls for.

ok…let me go and try this…thanks so much Ingrid…you are my knitting saver!!!:slight_smile:


You aren’t knitting continental are you? You have to be careful with slipping on continental because the stitches are oriented differently than if you were knitting English.