Slip one TOG with yarn over - please translate?!

Returning to my knitting after long hiatus…
Working on sweater in ultra bulky yarn
Rebecca Magazine issue number 19, pattern 19, Sweater in Fisherman’s Rib on 19 circ needles.
Pattern says:
P1, slip 1 purlwise with yarn-over, repeat

Does this translate as P1, yarn over, slip one purlwise? or do I have the order wrong…?
The “with” is throwing me…

then round 2 of the 2 row pattern says:

P1, K1 tog with yarn-over, repeat

again, order is Purl 1, knit 1, yarn over?
or is it
purl 1, yarn over, knit 1?

wish they could just spell it out for us literal folks!

thanks so much!!!


Did you do a yo on the previous row that you can slip now?

No Ingrid, this is the stitch pattern for the entire sweater, beginning immediately after casting on!
You alternate these two rows on circulars before switching to dps and doing neckband and armhole shaping.
It looks awesome in the super bulky yarn I have as I played around with it last night, attempting to get a good gauge sample. But I want to be crystal clear on the pattern or I know the overall effect will be very wrong when all is said and done - and I’ll be ripping it out and starting over! :frowning:

thanks ANYONE who can help!


Ingrid, just noticed you are in PLEASANT VALLEY, NY!!?
You could DRIVE over to my house and show me - lol!
I’m in Red Hook. SMALL world :slight_smile:
Do you go to Yarn Central? I’ve been meaning to make a trip…
can’t go there for help with this tho as I didn’t get ANY of it there you know…

Someone nearby!!

I’ve been to Yarn Central–I usually only go when they have a big sale, though.

:doh: Something just hit me–Slip one purlwise with yarn in front can mean the same thing as slip one purwise with yarn over.!!! :happydance:

We don’t need no steenkin’ Yarn Central!!

Hmm…that’s interesting…and kinda what I was trying last night. I actually didn’t know an “official” yarn over was kind of a “wrap” thing so I was basically switching it to the front if it was in the back and vice versa.

You actually end up getting a wrap, esp. in the second row of the pattern because of the switch between purl and knit stitches.

looked nice but not sure it’s right…

Now I think I’m more confused than ever! Why did I pick up this “foreign” book with glamorous, seductive pictures anyway… :frowning:


I should have said slip with yarn in back for purling and with yarn in front for the knit rows.

Does that make a difference? :doh: