Slip markers question

cast on 29 stitches
row 1:slip one…knit to end
row 2:slip one…knit to end
row 3:slip one, k2,pm,yo,k5,yo,pm,k1,repeat from * two more times,yo,k5,yo,k3
row 4:slip 1, knit to end
row 5:slip1,k2,slip marker,yo,knit to last 3 sts,yo,knit3
row 6:slip 1,knit to end
row 7:slip 1,k2,slip marker,yo
knit to marker,yo,slip marker,k1,yo,repeat from* two more times,knit to last 3 sts,yo,k3
row 8:slip 1,knit to end
repeat rows 5 to 8 for pattern
Question…when knitting row 4, do you leave the markers on or slide them off?
row 5…what does slip marker mean, there are no markers on the knit rows
row 7…as above, since there are no markers on the knit rows,how do I slip marker yo and knit to marker? what marker?This is a shawl pattern using Bamboo Bloom Handpaints 2 skeins on sz 9 needles

Row 3 Says - slip 1, knit 2, place marker, yarn over, knit 5, *yarn over, place marker, knit 1, repeat from * two more times, then yarn over, knit 5, yarn over, knit 3.

So this is the row that you are adding your markers. YOu do not remove your markers… you just slip them onto the next needle as you come to them… with the completion of row 3, you now have 6 markers (if I’ve counted them right)
Row 4 says to slip one stitch and knit to the end… so you slip the first st and then slip your markers as you come to them when knitting to the end of the row.
I do hope this helps…

Exactly (alhough I think it should be 4 msrkers total in row 3).

Thanks so much…I’m on row 7, so I’ll frog and start over. Thanks again for the quick reply.

Keep the markers on the needles until the pattern has you take them off.

One more question…
Starting out with 29 stitches on size 9 needles 10 inch long and all the yo’s and using 2 skeins of yarn 154 yds each should I knit over to circular needles so it will hold all the stitches? I’m on row 11 and I see the needles are starting to get full.

Each time you repeat rows 5-8 for the pattern you increase 10sts. So depending on how many times you need to repeat the pattern, yes, it might be good to switch to circular needles. It’s painful to knit with too many sts on the needle and it causes mistakes.