Slip Knots and Casting On

Okay, I’m doing a pattern where it says to cast on three stitches then knit, then go into the pattern.

Does the slip knot count as a cast on stitch or not? Would I knit the slip knot as well before transferring it over to the right needle?

Yes, it counts since it gets a loop around the needle and you knit like the other sts.

Thanks suzeeq.

Since that’s the case, would I make three sts. on top of the slip knot st. as the directions say or just two sts. to create a total of three sts.?

just 2 after the slip knot since then you have a total of 3 on the needle

When you ‘cast on’ the number always includes the slip knot, so put the slip knot on the needle, then do 2 more.

Awesome, thanks! I wondered why I was having so much trouble!