Slip 4sts with yarn in front

How do I slip 4 stitches purl wise with yarn in front then knit the rest of the row? Please help thanks.

Bring the yarn forward between the needles, then slip each stitch as if you were going to purl…(that is the needle goes from right to left), but don’t work the stitch. Then take the yarn and put it to the back and start knitting.

Thanks When I put it to the back do I take it from the front or the back if that makes any sense? It seems like there is going to be the string going along the 4 stitches. Should that be on the front or the back of the work.

If it says slip the stitches as if to purl there will be the ‘string’ in the front. If you were knitting to begin with you’ll need to bring the yarn forward to do it. To knit again you’ll need to move it to the back like you normally knit.

What are you making and do you have a link? It’s always good to include as much info as possible when asking questions.

Make sure you don’t pull the yarn too tight across the front of the stitches you slip. Sounds like you are begining the set-up for the butterfly stitch pattern where your next right side row will tell you to pick up your “string” and knit it with the next stitch from your left hand needle.

If it says slip the stitches as if to purl there will be the ‘string’ in the front

No, that’s just how you slip the sts, not where the yarn is. But if it says ‘slip 4 sts with yarn in front’ the yarn’s in front. If it said ’ slip 4 sts with yarn in back’ then you slip the sts purlwise anyway, but with the yarn in back.

So yes, the yarn is supposed to lie across the front of the 4 sts, and make sure you don’t pull it tight, leave it slightly loose.

I’m making the hat. I believe I understand what you are saying now. I slip the stitches to begin the row.

Ahh yes… you are correct. :wink:

staciakoz, what everyone has told you is correct, but doing what the pattern says to do will not make the hat look like it says it will. It says you have a cord at the edge and from the picture I think maybe it has a cord on each edge. There is a note in the gray box about the cord. It gives the directions for making an i-cord in that box. But you can’t follow those directions and get an i-cord along the edge of this piece of knitting.

The directions say to

slip 4 stitches purl wise with yarn in front then knit the rest of the row
at the beginning of the row. That won’t make an i-cord. It says something about making the cord along the edge like maybe you did what was in the gray box and slip 4 at the beginning of each row. Maybe, but I couldn’t get it to work and make an i-cord along each side doing anything of the sort. :??

So I started thinking and working on it and here is something that will make an i-cord along each edge with garter in the middle. It does necessitate one end being slightly longer than the other but it is all I could come up with.

CO your 32 stitches as it tells you to.
Set up row (worked only once): K4, with the yarn in back slip the 4 stitches back to the left hand needle. Knit the 4 stitches again, pulling tightly on the first stitch (you are making an i-cord here so work all 4 with that in mind), then continue to knit across the rest of the row to the last 4 stitches, with the yarn in back slip the last four stitches. Turn.

Row 1 (WS): Purl 4 (see note) pulling the first st tightly (these 4 are the i-cord), move the yarn to the back and knit across to the last 4 sts, with the yarn in front slip the last 4 sts. Turn.

Row 2: K4 for the i-cord pulling the first stitch very tightly, continue to knit across the row to the last 4 sts, with the yarn in back slip 4, turn.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until it is as long as you need it to fit.

NOTE: When you purl these 4 stitches the strand will be coming across in front of the 4 stitches you are going to purl. It is a little weird, but it works. The first stitch is a bit tricky.

You have a strand coming across stitches for each i-cord and you want the strands to end up on the same side and you want both cords to be knit on the right side so you have to purl one of them.

I think the pattern shows an i-cord at each edge. If you only want one at the bottom edge do it this way.
CO as directed
Row 1 (WS): K across to the last 4 sts. WYF sl4, turn.
Row (2): K4 for i-cord pulling first st tightly, knit the rest.

I hope the rest of the hat has better instructions than this part did. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I was confused by it when I started so I decided to ask. I will try your method and let you know how it turns out.

What do you think will look better. An I cord on both ends or just one?

The hat pictured looks like it has one on both ends. It looks like the i-cord at the top kind of sticks up so they must have picked up the stitches from behind below the i-cord somehow. I think it would look okay either way, but the i-cord at the top would add a little “starch” to the top of the hat, without it it would be stretchier.

You might try making a little practice swatch each way and try picking up the stitches along the top and see which you like the look and feel of best. When I did my test swatches I worked over only 12 stitches. 4 for the i-cord on each end and 4 stitches for “the hat”. 4 for the i-cord and 8 for the rest of the hat when I did only one i-cord.

Lots of these things are a matter of preference and swatches help.

so when I slip the stitches does it matter if I slip them knit wise or purl wise?

Slip purl wise. You’re just moving them from one needle to another, so put your points together ==><== and slide them over just as if you were sliding them along the straight part of the needle.

Sue is right.