Slip 3 sts at the end of each row?

I am working this pattern, it’s knit top down, and I’ve just reached the split at the top of the sleeves. At this point, the shirt is knit flat from split to split. This direction has me completely stumped:
[I]The last 3 sts of all rows are always slipped purlwise, wyif on WS and wyib on RS.[/I]
I just can’t wrap my mind around how that works? Once I’ve slipped the 3 sts, and turned the work, how do I knit the next row with those 3 slipped sts sitting at the front of the row?

Nobody else seems to have a problem with this, which leads me to believe I am missing something really obvious…


You’re making a kind of I-cord on each edge. It’ll give you the rounded and slightly raised edge that you see in the close-up of the sleeve on the main Ravelry page.
Slip the last 3sts to the right needle and then work them pulling slightly on the working strand to close up the gap between the last worked stitch and the slipped stitch on the end.
If you want to see what this will look like, try it on a small swatch, say 10sts.

I cord! This has been bugging me. Now I could even find a video. The pattern will have your stitch count worked out so just ignore the “add stitches” comments he makes and you can see how it’s worked.

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I cord! Of course, that totally makes sense, it’ll match the rest of the edges! Wish she could have put those words in the pattern, it would have saved me some hairpulling.

I really love knitting this tee, the construction is very interesting, and it’s fun to get to use a bunch of different techniques (I wonder why I’ve been fooling around with different types of short rows all this time when German short rows are so easy?!). That being said, it is one of those patterns, that would have been so much more enjoyable to work with, if some more thought had been put into simple things, like readability and lay out.

It does look like fun and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Yes, one of my favorite things about patterns is some new technique or twist. And German short rows? So much easier.
We’d love to see a photo if you’d like to post one when you finish.