Slip 2 knitwise?

I think I’m going to use this honeycomb pattern (scroll down to the 2nd one) in a piece.

The first row says to slip 2, etc. Then the 2nd row says to slip 2 purlways

I presume that when it does NOT specify, then I should slip knitwise? One at a time?

Just wanting tom ake sure.

Usually when you slip a stitch, you do it purlwise UNLESS it specifies. In your case, it says to do so knitwise, one at a time is how I do it when slipping more than one. :thumbsup:

thats a prettier honeycomb stitch than the one im doing. and there is no cabling?

since they specify the purling, yeah, id go ahead and slip knitwise for those that didnt specify… especially since the sl knit and slip purl are divided into odd and even rows