Sleeveless top for my sister

I made this quick drop stitch top for my sister for her birthday and bought the beads to go with it. This is a super easy top to make for anyone that isn’t experienced at knitting. I changed it up a bit as it had shoulder ties and I didn’t like them so didn’t make them and there were two rows of double drop stitch that with cotton yarn I thought made the dropped stitches sag too much so I just did single drops stitches.


Cute and a pretty color!

Why link instead of posting the picture though? :??

I am never sure whether to link or not. I belong to another different type of website and they get picky sometimes about using up bandwidth for pictures, but I switched it to an uploaded photo.


Very pretty - I love that color! What a great gift!

Thanks, Nonny! Most of us prefer to have an embedded or attached photo and it’s fine for the forum as long as they aren’t too large. :wink: