Sleeve selvedge - sewing up

Hi - I am just wondering what the best way to knit my sleeves is in order to make them easy as possible to sew up afterwards with mattress stitch: I have a increase on every 4th row (sleeves are stockinette) and when I have done this previously I have found it really hard to match up rows and make the seaming nice and neat.

Should I add a selvedge stitch and if so do I slip it at the beginning of each row and knit the last stitch?
Do I slip knitwise on a knit row and purlwise on a purl row?
And do I always knit last stitch even if it’s a purl row???
And do I do the increase after and before the selvedge stitch (am increasing at each end of row)?
Is there a best way to do the increase in this situation?

Sorry for so many questions! And thanks in advance for any help!


You can do a M1 increase between the two edge stitches. I usually just knit the edge stitch, but if you feel your edge is too loose, you can slip it if you want. Slip as if to purl so you don’t twist the stitch. I don’t think knitting the last stitch is necessary for a sleeve edge–it creates a more decorative edge for a scarf, but it might not be the best for seaming.

thanks - will give it a go!!