Sleeve question

Change to larger needles and proceed in stocking st inc 1 st each
end of needle on 5th and following 4th rows to 58 (66-62) sts and
then on following 6th rows to 78 (84-84) sts.
Cont even until work from beg measures 20½ (21-21½) ins [52
(53.5-54.5) cm], ending with RS facing for next row.
Shape top: Cast off 11 (12-12) sts beg next 6 rows. Cast off rem
12 sts.

Here are the instructions for my sleeve. I had to frog an almost complete sleeve :frowning: because I had measured 22" at 68 stitches. I measured against my bf from whom the sweater is for, and it was still a little tight. I’m wondering what the best way to modify these instructions will be. (It’s so strange, I checked my gauge at multiple places and even made up another swatch and it matches perfectly :?? )

Where is the best place to make the increases? At the beginning (so every 2 rows instead of 4)? Or near the end (every 4 rows instead of 6)? Or a combination of both?


Since it got so long before you even finished the increases and it was too tight, I’d probably go every 3 rows all the way up.

if i increase every three rows, both sides will have increases (i don’t know if that makes sense. what i mean is, in the orginal instruction the increase is every even row, so the incresases will all be on one side. if i increase on odd numbered rows, then the increases will be on both sides. is that ok when working a sleeve?)

I hadn’t thought of that. It’s ok, though. You can increase on the purl side. The edge gets seamed, anyway, so any differences in the increases won’t really matter, in my opinion. I think getting the sleeve wide enough is more important. If you’d prefer to only increase on the right side, you could increase every 2nd and 4th row.