Sleeve instructions

Please help with these directions: knit 10 rounds but on 10th round stop 3 stitches before end of round, ssk, k1, sm, k1, k2tog, work to end of round ( I understand all of this) knit 10 rounds even, Repeatfrom 4 more times. **stop knitting last round when there are three stitches left!!then ssk, k1, sm, k1, k 2 tog, knit to end of round.

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It’s a little ambiguous about where to work the dec round but I would do it on round 10. Is that the problem or is it something else?

Didn’t knowmitmis do one set of decreases every 10 rows 4 times , which I ended up doing, or 4 rows of decreases in a row…

Definitely, one set of decrease every 10 rows. You want the sleeve to gradually widen out.