Sleeve Increase

I am working on my first sweater – this is the link to the pattern:

I am at the sleeves – and this part of the pattern is very confusing: ( am making the 2nd size in parens)
Work 8 rows of Stripe Pattern. At same time, increase 1 st each side every 4th row 6 (10, 11, 11) times and every 6th (0, 0, 2nd) row twice – 38 (42, 46, 50) sts.

I think I understand that at row 4,8,12,16 etc. i increase one stitch on each side, but I am confused about the 6th row increase…do I increase only on row 6 (the 0, 0, 2nd has me confused)

lizzie :??

When it says zero for your size, you don’t have to increase. The second set of increases is only for the smallest and largest sizes. After the first set of increases you should have 42 stitches on your needle.