sleeve increase pattern

I am doing a sweater pattern and after the cuff it states to start a stockinette stich. "Increasing 1 stitch each end of every 7 row 14 times. Does that mean I work to the 7th row then increase for the first time or do I increase on the first row and then every 7th row thereafter. Since the first time I increase on a knit row should I not continue to increase on knit rows for the sleeve. Because if i go every 7th row it sometimes ends up on the purl side for increasing
de. Please help. Thank you

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Increase on row 7 and then row 14 and continue with every 7th row. Yes, the increases are going to be on knit rows and purl rows. If you prefer, you can alternate increases on the 6th and 8th rows which will be approximately the same and put the increases on knit rows.

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Thank you