Sleeve help

Hi Please Help

Pattern reads;

Shape sleeve top - Work 4 rows dec 1st at each end of next and every foll alt row. 35sts.

Do I work 4 rows then dec on 5th and 7th row or dec on the 4 rows I am working.


I read this to say that you would work four rows even, and then decrease on rows 5 and 7 and then continue to decrease on every other row until you have 35 stitches left on the needle. (I don’t know how many this would be since you didn’t say how many you started with. :slight_smile: )

Sorry I am starting with 39sts, so should I work 4 rows and then start decreases or should I decrease on these rows.

You would work the four rows and then do the decreases on rows 5 and 7 to get down to the 35 stitches. :thumbsup: