Slanted pocket

Can any one help me to make a side pocket ( slant) in a men’s cardigan. I tried many options of decreasing the stitches but the angle i want is not getting.

The best thing to do is to try different rates of decrease on a swatch. Maybe decreasing one stitch every other row, or one every row will give you the look you want. The pocket in the photo looks like there is a bind off of a couple of sts at the lower end and then a constant decrease.
You might also check Ravelry for examples to see if you can find one you like.

You’re not having any problem with the pocket technique in general, is that correct?

Thanks gor the reply. Yes I don’t have the problem in makin the pocket, but i m unable make the slant opening in the angle as in the pic

Thanks ssalmonmac.
I tried decreasing the stitches but i am una ble to make the angle as show in the picture.
I attempted several types of decrease but the angle of the pattern is becoming a short and sharp angles.

Are you decreasing on every row, every other row or some other way?

This is how I would do it if I had no idea of what rate of decreases I want:

Put a ruler on an already knitted section, at the angle you want. Look carefully at what rate it will fully uncover a stitch. Do then the decreases at that rate. For example, if you notice that a stitch is uncovered every third row, then do the decrease on every third row.