Sl2 k2tog psso

I, too, am branching out! I am having fun with the pattern. Here is my question:

The stitch is sl2 k2tog psso. I think I have been slipping one, then another and continuing with the stitch. After a break, I picked her up again and it seemed maybe I should slip the two stitches together instead of one at a time. Somehow, in my feeble brain, I think there might be a difference. Do I slip the stitiches one at a time or both together?

Grateful for any comments.

IMHO, I think it works the same either way. Try a few each way and see if you are able to see a difference.

i think the only way it would make a difference really is if you are slipping them knitwise instead of purlwise…i could be thinking about that wrong though.

The pattern says to slip them together knitwise…

It does make a difference, technically, and I can’t really say if you can actually see the difference, but usually when you slip 2 as a part of a psso, you’re supposed to slip them together knitwise, and they twist as one. If you slip them separately, then twist individually.

Thank you!!!